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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Just because it is in fashion, doesn't mean it is stylish...

This is fashion? Really? Just read today about Nordstrom, a high-end retailer that is selling muddy jeans for more than $400. OMG. I have to say it. People are stupid. I am fond of mentioning to Claudette that just because something is “in fashion” doesn’t mean it has style.  
People mix those words up too much. A lot of the stuff we see in the fashion industry has no style at all. 
I was in court this morning and I noticed a lawyer wearing a nice navy blue suit. That was okay. Except he had light brown shoes with blue and white striped socks - Horizontal stripes! Okay, I blame his parents. He was a young lawyer. This poor guy might think this is fashionable, but he has shit-for-brains in the style department. 
Okay guys, here’s the rule. Navy suit goes with black shoes and dark socks. Socks must never, ever draw attention. Brown suit, khaki beige and lighter suits and you can wear brown shoes, but only if you shine them. Yes, buy a shoe brush. It falls under the category of well groomed. Lesson over. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ugh. Keeping mum ...

Every now and then I will joke with somebody about the things we hear in the news business. Can you keep a secret, I will ask. People's eyes will gleam and they will whisper back, Yes! Yes, I can keep a secret. Well, so can I, I tell them smugly. And then I get the nasty look LOL.
Well we came across some information today in the newsroom today that I cannot release right now. It's a news story, of course, but not an earth shattering expose or scandal. It is a very good news story for Timmins and when it is revealed ... soon, I hope ... a lot of people will be pleased.  We have to wait until the deal is done.  It's just that I like to tell people good news, but right now, I have to wait.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Westree weekend tradition ...

Was so pleased to spend time with my grandsons on the weekend helping them hone the fine art of shooting warm cans of  pop. Shake ‘em before you shoot ‘em. They explode so nicely! Even Jennifer joined the fun. I know we made quite the mess, but once the shooting was over, we cleaned up all the cans. It was nice to have some family time, watching the Leafs win, enjoying great food and fabulous company. As usual Don and Denise were perfect hosts.

I wished Claudette could have made the visit but she’s enjoying some holiday family time in Orlando, Florida. She went off with her family and grandkids to Disneyworld for 12 days! From the notes I get she seems to be having a wonderful time. I keep thinking how many times Debra has told me about that place. Who knows, maybe someday J

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I blame the police...

 I am usually a staunch supporter of the police, but not in the case of the United Airlines flight where a person was forcibly removed from an airplane this week. I don’t think police, even so-called airport police,  should be used to enforce a corporate policy. The airport police who were called to the scene should have asked, what criminal act is taking place. Is there an actual crime underway? Is there a danger to the public? A person who disagrees with United Airlines corporate policy and who bought a ticket in good faith and was allowed to board the plane is not a criminal. He or she may have a civil complaint with United. If they refuse to leave the plane, United may seek a lawsuit against them. I think our lawmakers should re-think the idea of using police unless there is a criminal action or a danger to the public. Refusing to give up the seat you paid for is neither of those. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

News doesn't take holidays ...

I have often been embarrassed when friends and family members catch me for not knowing that a holiday is happening. I usually need to be reminded that this coming Friday or Monday is a holiday of some sort. I saw it happen today to a colleague working on a special news project. He had been preparing to line up some phone interviews for Friday morning. Sure enough I was close by to hear his phone call this morning to the first interview, saying “Oh what? Friday? A holiday? Ohhhh… yesss. Okay then, …”
This all goes back to journalism school where you learn several things that stay true over the years; one of them being: News never takes a holiday. 

Sunday, April 09, 2017

History is overwhelming...

This weekend is one I have thought about for some time. I was pleased to watch television Sunday to see the network coverage of the 100th anniversary of attack on Vimy Ridge and the Canadian victory there.  I have to say I was pleased with CBC coverage over CTV. This is something I had been thinking about in the past few years and I actually considered travelling to France to take part in the commemoration.I think I just wanted to return to France for a visit as well.  Like most people I am certain I would have been overwhelmed with the sense of history, but I was happy at how well the event was covered on television. I read the book by Pierre Burton last year and was both shocked and overcome with the level of incompetence of the military brass in the First World War. But then again that is looking at the event through modern eyes. I must say I was amazed at the scope of the Canadian victory, but given that the German officers were as prone to the same level of bad judgement by some British and Canadian officers it might not be surprising that common sense won the day. History is such a cruel judge, but a judge just the same.

Regardless, I was so pleased to see the thousands of young Canadians , as in high school students, who took part in the Vimy commemoration this weekend. Like the poem said, the torch has been passed. “Be yours to hold it high…”
Image Credit: Library and Archives Canada: German officers surrendered to Canadians after the battle at Vimy Ridge. 

Thursday, April 06, 2017

It's over!

What is wrong with me? I woke up this morning thinking of a life where people are open, honest, good, decent and interesting. That’s what happens when you watch too many episodes of Downton Abbey. Yes, I have been binge watching all week. It was Friday that Claudette got an e-mail from Netflix revealing that the final season was now available. Well, we could hardly wait to finish supper. So for the past few days, we plonked down on the couch, put the tea on and watched the entire final season. Of course we had love/hate relationships with all the characters, even to the point of shouting that Lady Mary is a bitch. And of course dowager Lady Violet is a saint with a sense of humour.  Last night it was the final episode. What a fabulous story. What a great television show. Claudette said she will now feel like she is missing something. As the final episode came to an end, she said “Well, they can’t leave us like that. We have to have more!” I cannot disagree.