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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A new word

The word came to me as I tasted my newest version of apple crisp… the word is fabulousfreakinamazing. I took Aunt Sadie’s apple crisp recipe last night and threw in two cups of fresh cranberries (they were on sale this week!).Now I’ve added CANNED cranberries before, but they’re not as tasty. This time, I didn’t add any sugar or anything and I admit I was worried it might be too bitter. But it was just fine, thanks.

Friday, October 12, 2007

First snow

Haven't been here in a few days, but that's okay because I was busy with the election. That's all over now for another four years. Today was different. We had our first snow. I guess that mean's it's time to put away the lawn mower and move the snowthrower to the front of the shed. I should put the barbecue in the shed too. Some of my neighbors are a bit more excited about barbecues and keep them on the deck all winter. Now I will just have to go and dig out some mitts and the snowbrush.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Insulation Update - Neil would be impressed.

If you check out the July 18th blog post, you'd know how pissed I was when I discovered I didn't have enough insulation in my rec room. Well I spent part of the summer tearing out the walls so I could add more. I put in four inches of the pink fibreglas stuff and then in front of that, I added an inch and a half of the styrofoam panels. Next week, I will put new sheetrock up and paint it. That should make things a bit cosier when winter arrives.