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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Heartbreaking ...

I was sitting in the office briefly Saturday morning when Tom the managing editor dropped in. He was obviously pre-occupied but then mentioned out loud that another person had died in the bus crash in Saskatchewan. It was awkward, but we had to talk about it. Heading out on the team bus to a hockey game on a winter night is such a Canadian thing. Whether you live in Nova Scotia or the Yukon, there is not a Canadian family I know of that hasn’t experienced that, whether it’s the team bus or even the fan bus that follows it. What happened is something that so many of us has wondered about; worried about and then maybe offered a quick prayer when everyone got home safely. I know in Timmins there was a change put in place many years ago when the players didn’t have a team bus. They went to an out of town game in a convoy of private cars. Sadly one the cars was in a crash and some young hockey players died. After that, it was decided from that point forward that all teams would travel by bus. Sadly bad things happen, no matter what choices you make. I know that yesterday my immediate thoughts were about Tyler and Nathan and how many times they have travelled to out of town tournaments and hockey games. My heart still breaks for the boys in Saskatchewan.