Monday, April 24, 2017

Ugh. Keeping mum ...

Every now and then I will joke with somebody about the things we hear in the news business. Can you keep a secret, I will ask. People's eyes will gleam and they will whisper back, Yes! Yes, I can keep a secret. Well, so can I, I tell them smugly. And then I get the nasty look LOL.
Well we came across some information today in the newsroom today that I cannot release right now. It's a news story, of course, but not an earth shattering expose or scandal. It is a very good news story for Timmins and when it is revealed ... soon, I hope ... a lot of people will be pleased.  We have to wait until the deal is done.  It's just that I like to tell people good news, but right now, I have to wait.

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