Saturday, November 09, 2013

Ron is okay

I had an interesting, and lengthy, phone chat with Ronald yesterday. It was his birthday. But that's not interesting. He is doing well... and that is interesting because last week he had surgery for prostate cancer. That's probably why we spoke for more than half an hour. We never to do that. But it was good to catch up and find out about his episode with the Big "C". It turns out that he went for his yearly physical and they noticed that the PSA levels in his blood (prostate specific antigen) had spiked. So then he went for more tests and after a quick biopsy, it was determined Ron was positive for prostate cancer. He had the option of chemo, radiation or surgery. He chose the surgery. Good choice. He is now doing fine, but he has to walk around for a couple of weeks with a funny little bag to collect his urine. The things you gotta do to keep the doctors happy eh? So our conversation was partly about the fact that Cancer runs in our family. It killed our Dad, and several others. So that settles it. After the conversation with my little bro, I am determined to go for the PSA test. My next doc appointment is in December, so we'll take it from there. Good thing Ron has annual physicals. It's an army thing. I rarely go to see the doc unless something hurts. But in this case, I will make an exception. So if they find anything wrong with me... I will let you know, ... after the surgery. :)