Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunny Timmins...

We had really nice winter weather on the weekend. I was out by Gillies Lake and snapped a photo. Enjoy.

Relaxing ...

Tomorrow is my last day of work before taking a few days off to relax, with Jenn and her fellows. It will be nice. Good news! I bought a new book a few days ago to have something to read while relaxing. Bad news. I have been reading all weekend. Maybe about 60 pages left. I will finish the book tonight before bed time. Good news. I finally got all my shopping done and even have all the wrapping paper. Bad news. I have to pack tonight/tomorrow and I am doing laundry right now. Oh well, got to run ... things to do.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Commenters. Ugh!

Commenters get under my skin. I am talking about those people who feel they have to have insert their clever witticisms on just about every internet news story. I say this because I am a person who reads everything I can about a subject, often in the pursuit of new information. This means I regularly browse the Internet versions of the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. They usually have the best reports on breaking news stories. But they also have some of the gawd dammed stupidest commenters I have ever encountered. Over time I have come to notice that many of these folks are repeat commenters who seem to feel the need to add their two-cents to every issue. Back in the day, it was always interesting to read the letters to the editor where people would submit thoughtful and meaningful opinions on a news story. Not anymore. What's worse is that the comments quickly stray from being about the original issue into petty pissing matches between different commenters. It is a shame. These people are collectively making our society appear so stupid. I guess this is the price we pay for free speech.

What's with winter?

Winter is definitely getting milder. I live in Timmins, so I can say I know what winter weather is like. Or at least what it is supposed to be like. I remember my teen years in North Bay, when I worked in the two weeks before Christmas as a letter carrier's helper for Canada Post. I did that for a couple of years, while in high school. I remember those December mornings as being bitterly cold. I actually got used to it and took some strange pride in being able to endure freezing weather. I moved to Timmins in the early 70s and I remember those winters as being brutally cold. I was out and about today, the wind was blowing hard and it was snowy and drizzly... but the temperature was only minus nine or ten. I didn't even put my toque on. When I got home I noticed that I was wearing my fall coat. I have worn my parka less than seven days so far this winter. Anyway, winter is here. It has been mild so far. But thank goodness for Christmas ... it's a chance to spend time with the important people in your life regardless of the weather.

Bad Habits

One of my bad habits is parking myself in front of the television to watch a Netflix series. I did it this past week with the Marco Polo series. It was good television, good acting and best of all, a cast of unknown actors. I think that makes the story telling a bit more interesting when you're watching a whole new cast of actors that you haven't seen before. So yes, it is a good TV series. Good stories... but I haven't done any housework for a week! And my laundry is piling up. But I have a greater appreciation for Chinese history and the Khan dynasties. Genghis and Kublai were interesting fellows. Check it out.