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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Day

It's just after 11:00 p.m. and I am winding down with a glass of whiskey after a really nice day. I haven't enjoyed a whiskey in awhile since I had a cold and my sense of taste was gone ... not gonna waste it, if I can't taste it! But today is my birthday, so I poured a glass. I was so pleased today to get phone calls from my brother Gary, my sister Debra, son Neil and daughter Jennifer. Of course I also chatted with Tyler and Nathan. Victoria sent me a really nice e-mail. And I got dozens of nice notes on Facebook, including one from Christine, Ronald's daughter. She said my brother Ron is still is still "in the FOB right now" and not able to get to a phone. Ron is in Afghanistan and the FOB is a forward operating base, which means it's basically a few tents, a few tanks and a latrine. But I know he would call if he could. He always does. But it has been such a nice day. When I think of all the nice people I know, I realize I am blessed. : )

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comfort food.

I am fighting a cold this week. Yukkk! And I haven't had a glass of whiskey since St. Patty's Day... You just can't taste anything when you have a cold. I did have some comfort food today and it seems to work. Campbell's tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. It was good.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vote for Timmins for Hockeyville!

There’s a lot of buzz in Timmins this weekend thanks to the Kraft Hockeyville competition. Timmins was named this week as a wildcard finalist in the top 12. That means we’ve got a shot at being in the top five, and maybe winning the competition. So of course everyone is going to the Hockeyville website and voting for Timmins. They’ve set up free internet voting stations all over the city, at the mall, at the library and in every city arena. Voting continues until 11:59 p.m. Sunday. You can vote too, as many times as you wish, no matter where you are. Click here for the Hockeyville website. It’s all about Timmins and the famous McIntyre Arena… home to a few well known hockey greats such as the Mahovlich brothers, Father Les Costello and Bill Barilko… Bill scored the winning Stanley Cup goal for the Leafs to win the series from the Habs in 1951. He’s nearly a saint in Timmins.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jenn feeling better, looking great!

It was hard to describe seeing Jennifer for the first time since Christmas, when I visited her at the Alexander camp in Westree this weekend. She was standing up at the door to give me a hug. She had a walker of course, but she was standing and smiling. It was so great. Wow, what a difference from last August eh. She is still taking physio-therapy as an out-patient and is sure feeling better. Anyway, I snapped a couple of photos. Jenn wasn’t exactly pleased to see me with a camera. I guess she isn’t feeling glamourous. But now that her hair is growing back, I was pleased to tell her how great she looks. It was so nice to get a photo of her and the boys.
And what a nice weekend it was too. The weather was perfect. Denise and Don are always great hosts, but on Saturday night they outdid themselves. We enjoyed an amazing seafood feast with Newfoundland lobster, broiled scallops and fabulous cod fish cakes. It doesn’t get any better.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Boots dry, pants wet.

Sometimes I do dumb things … like put away the snowshoes too early. I was out in the bush today to grab photos of new work being done on the Sandy Falls dam. So I followed a few bush roads, hopped a fence and went for a hike. I should’ve known the moment I landed after coming off the fence, I sank up to my butt in soft wet snow. I figured once I got out in the open it would be better. Nope. Snow up to my knees all the way, about a kilometre in and then a kilometre back out. Those footprints run deep! Once I got to the river, there was some interesting ice formations on the water. The other nice thing is that the sun was shining all the way and the hike out is always easier than the hike in. My boots were dry, but my pants were soaked with slush. It was pretty warm out too. I took off my jacket and had short sleeves on. What a beautiful day in Northern Ontario.
I had a nice chat with Jennifer this morning. She says she and the boys will be heading off to camp with Don and Denise for March Break. Sounds like the perfect way to welcome spring. But before I let that thought go, everyone knows that were due for a good blizzard sometime between now and the May 24 weekend. That's reality in Northern Ontario.