Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I blame the police...

 I am usually a staunch supporter of the police, but not in the case of the United Airlines flight where a person was forcibly removed from an airplane this week. I don’t think police, even so-called airport police,  should be used to enforce a corporate policy. The airport police who were called to the scene should have asked, what criminal act is taking place. Is there an actual crime underway? Is there a danger to the public? A person who disagrees with United Airlines corporate policy and who bought a ticket in good faith and was allowed to board the plane is not a criminal. He or she may have a civil complaint with United. If they refuse to leave the plane, United may seek a lawsuit against them. I think our lawmakers should re-think the idea of using police unless there is a criminal action or a danger to the public. Refusing to give up the seat you paid for is neither of those. 

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