Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fingers crossed!

I have to say I am beginning to feel a sense of relief about the U.S. presidential primaries. Thank goodness for Clinton’s win in New York. I know Bernie Sanders is a nice guy but I think he is more suited to a Grateful Dead tribute concert than the Oval Office. I think a lot of Canadians were getting worried about Mr. Trump, but I am confident that Ms. Clinton will prevail. Well let’s just say I am hopeful. Fingers crossed!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Onions and other things I smell...

I got in the door one day recently when suddenly the smell hit me. Onions. Not the smell of onions cooking, which I love, but just the smell of raw onion … rotting. Yukky! So I had been cooking with an onion and I took the peel, just a small amount of raw onion and tossed it into the kitchen garbage bin. Big mistake.  Because I recycle a lot I put my garbage out only once a week. The problem is that if there is something in the bin that is stinky, then it stinks up my apartment. That’s another problem. The windows here are so airtight that there is poor circulation unless I deliberately remember to open a few windows every day. I swear I could fart on a Monday and I will be reminded of it on Friday! Getting back to my onion problem. I discovered that if I sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into the garbage bin, the odour problem goes away. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Got a Fitbit!

Well I am pleased that I have a new gadget to play with! Took the advice of a friend and got a new FITBIT bracelet. It's a device that is a watch, but it also measures your heart rate, your physical activities and even your sleep patterns. So I had some Airmiles to use up and sure enough there was a Fitbit Charge-HR available and so I grabbed one. I just spent several minutes synchronizing it with my computer, so I will get a daily chart of my activities. I think it will be interesting.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hot dogs!

Well I have sure been taking my time reading Steinbeck this past week, but it has been enjoyable. Being a Sunday I usually plan something substantial for a Sunday dinner. Sometimes it's roast beef. Sometimes a nice pasta dish.  But here's the thing, I had some amazing smoked trout on Friday and that's hard to beat. I wasn't sure what to have for supper today, so I was out shopping to stock up and milk, bread and other things. That's when I noticed Schneider's Juicy Jumbo Hot Dogs. Well that did it. I haven't enjoyed a good hot dog in months. So I picked up some nice freshly-baked herbed buns, a bottle of sliced pickles, some nice organic tomatoes and a fresh squeezey-thing of French's mustard. Got home with the groceries a few hours ago and put the oven on at 270. Put a couple of those juicy dogs in the oven with foil wrap, some salt, pepper and garlic powder. 20 minutes. Then I added the buns for about five minutes. The hot dogs came out perfect, just nice and sizzled. So I put them in the buns with pickle slices, really thin tomato slices and then I drizzled on the mustard. Chopped up some cheddar cheese and poured a nice frosty beer. OMG. Heaven. Okay so now I have a leftover package of hot dogs. But they're in the freezer. I will have to plan for some wieners and beans next week.