Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Just because it is in fashion, doesn't mean it is stylish...

This is fashion? Really? Just read today about Nordstrom, a high-end retailer that is selling muddy jeans for more than $400. OMG. I have to say it. People are stupid. I am fond of mentioning to Claudette that just because something is “in fashion” doesn’t mean it has style.  
People mix those words up too much. A lot of the stuff we see in the fashion industry has no style at all. 
I was in court this morning and I noticed a lawyer wearing a nice navy blue suit. That was okay. Except he had light brown shoes with blue and white striped socks - Horizontal stripes! Okay, I blame his parents. He was a young lawyer. This poor guy might think this is fashionable, but he has shit-for-brains in the style department. 
Okay guys, here’s the rule. Navy suit goes with black shoes and dark socks. Socks must never, ever draw attention. Brown suit, khaki beige and lighter suits and you can wear brown shoes, but only if you shine them. Yes, buy a shoe brush. It falls under the category of well groomed. Lesson over. 

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