Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Westree weekend tradition ...

Was so pleased to spend time with my grandsons on the weekend helping them hone the fine art of shooting warm cans of  pop. Shake ‘em before you shoot ‘em. They explode so nicely! Even Jennifer joined the fun. I know we made quite the mess, but once the shooting was over, we cleaned up all the cans. It was nice to have some family time, watching the Leafs win, enjoying great food and fabulous company. As usual Don and Denise were perfect hosts.

I wished Claudette could have made the visit but she’s enjoying some holiday family time in Orlando, Florida. She went off with her family and grandkids to Disneyworld for 12 days! From the notes I get she seems to be having a wonderful time. I keep thinking how many times Debra has told me about that place. Who knows, maybe someday J

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