Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year eh!

It's been a few days since I have dropped by, but happily work is keeping me busier than ever. And sssshhhh,... don't tell anyone, but they actually give me money to do this! I love this work and yet every couple of weeks they throw money at me!! Lucky me eh.

So here are a couple of interesting winter photos. The one of the winter trees is one I shot a while ago, but I just like it so much. The other photo is a shot of a sun dog. It's something that happens on those really, really, really cold days we get here in Timmins. The sun reflects off the ice crystals in the air and gives the impression of three suns. I saw it one morning as I was heading into the senior's home for a photo shoot. so I snapped this quick pic through the trees.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My new scanner

It’s funny how much technology improves, when you’re not paying attention. I use VHF radio scanners for work. I had three… the newest being about 15 years old. The others are 20 years old. It was time to get a new one. So I went online with the Uniden company in Texas. They sent my new scanner by Fedex this week. It was only about one third the cost of the one I bought in the 1990s, and yet it has twice the power and capacity. The nice thing is that thanks to the free trade agreement, and because the product is made in the US and not some place like China, there was no duty...and no taxes!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Em Oh Oh En - Moon!

Yeah I was like a lot of people tonight. I went out and found a dark spot on the Hollinger tailings, set up the tripod and snapped a couple of shots of the lunar eclipse. Problem: the camera exposes the shot for 5 or 6 seconds, just enough time to cause a little blurring... because hey, the Earth is moving! So here's my moon shot... I don't think NASA will be impressed.

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's family day

Happy Family Day ... if you're in Ontario. It's a new stat holiday here... Thanks to liberal premier Dalton (the Deceiver) McGuinty. He promised a new stat holdiday during the last election... and everyone fell over when he actually lived up to a promise. Oh well, I guess he can't be blamed, he's a true liberal... says ANYTHING to get power.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Guinness is good

I’ve stopped drinking beer. Well that’s what I tell my friends. Even on a hot summer day, I’d rather have water to slake my thirst. But I do enjoy having a Guinness every now and then. Maybe once or twice a month. I had one before supper tonight, and even though the weather was so cold today, the Guinness just seemed to be a fabulous winter drink. It’s hard to explain. It sure has a different taste. It’s good. I remember years ago, when Jenn was in university, I was passing through Sudbury and dropped by for supper. I asked for a beer, she gave me a Guinness and I refused to drink it. Funny eh. Oh yeah... one other thing. A pint has only 198 calories. That's less than orange juice!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jazz rocks!

What a cool night at the Grammy Awards! First we heard Herbie Hancock playing Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Anyone who has been to my house knows that music since I play it often. It's one of the best pieces of American Jazz from the 20th century. And then Hancock won the most prestigious Grammy, the album of year, with a jazz album. Yeah, the world is good tonight.

Fireworks and cold weather

One of the nice things about living in Northern Ontario is that one eventually gets used to living in the cold. I was in South Porcupine tonight to see the winter carnival fireworks. Walking out on the ice of Porcupine Lake, it was interesting to see literally hundreds of others out there as well. The windchill was minus 41. But that didn’t seem to slow anyone down. Kids and parents were running around and laughing like it was normal.
I found a good spot to watch and shoot some pictures. I was dressed warmly so I figured the easiest thing was to lie down on the ice, use my camera bag as a pillow and watch the show overhead. I felt a bit self conscious for a moment until I looked around and saw other people lying on the ice, watching the show. It was quite comfortable. I met Ashley later and we went to Tim’s. She told me she sat on a park bench by the lakeshore to watch the fireworks. Of course, she was all snug head to toe in a snowmobile suit. So sitting on a frozen park bench at minus 41 is just a good thing to do… if you live in the north.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Interesting grave markers

I was on a bit of a bizarre story chase today. I went looking for the graves of a couple of Cornish miners who came to Timmins in the 1920s to work in the huge Hollinger gold mine. The two fellas were lifelong friends who worked together. Unfortunately, they died together exactly 80 years ago when the disastrous Hollinger Mine Fire occurred. (Feb. 10, 1928) I was a bit surprised to find their graves were side by side and they shared the same headstone.
Moments after I snapped the photo I noticed footprints leading to another grave not far away... being a nosey sort, I checked it out. Imagine my surprise at finding the grave of the great Bill Barilko. I think only real diehard hockey fans would know about "bashing Bill." But obviously somebody was interested since there were footprints leading up to the headstone... and they weren't mine! Fans of The Tragically Hip will know that Barilko was the subject of their song Fifty Mission Cap. Click the pics to see full size.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Updater-Giants 17-14 over the Patriots!

Wow! What a game. Just got home from Casey's (the ribs and wings were great, the chocolate cake I had for dessert was too big) and it was an excellent evening. Of course there was the usual crowd there, and we split ourselves quickly into the two camps... Them for the Patriots and Us for the underdog Giants. We figured the game was lost in the the last four minutes when Tom Brady threw a TD pass in the Giant's endzone. Suddenly the game was 14 to 10 for the Patriots. Oh well, the Giants played their best we figured. It was a good try. But then, by some miracle, the Giants rallied and came back and starting moving down the field. With 35 seconds left in the game, Eli Manning threw a pass and it was a touchdown for the Giants. Unbelievable!!! We shouted ourselves hoarse with cheers and hollers. Who woulda thunk it?! What a game!

Superbowl Sunday

I will have to go out and find a TV today so I can watch the Superbowl. I confess I have not watched a game all year. But this is different. Today's game will be talked about for decades. For the first time ever, one team, the New England Patriots has had a perfect regular season, not losing one game. So there is a chance the "Pats" could have the perfect season. That would nice to see.
On the other hand, the New York Giants are the ultimate underdogs ... in that the Giants could be (pardon the pun) the giant killers if they can defeat the Patriots in this one game! What an upset that would be. This is usually the most-watched single sporting event in the world. Today it will be huge. Either way, it's gonna be a great day for football!

Friday, February 01, 2008

It's not news ... it's just sad.

There has been much media attention about Britney Spears struggling with some personal problems and it seems to gather a lot of attention. I really don't know too much about this person except that she's one of those Hollywood people. I've never regarded the entertainment shows as news. It's all gossip presented as news by the prettiest boys and girls they can find. Anyway, one hopes they leave this person, and her mental health issues, alone.
As for interesting stuff, here in Ontario we have an inquiry going on into the misdeeds of a pathologist who used to work for the Hospital for Sick Children. Dr. Charles Smith has made too many wrong decisions and has provided testimony that sent a lot of innocent people to jail. I am following the story because Smith accused a 12-year-old Timmins girl in the death of a 16-month old baby girl. He was so wrong. But the babysitter's family went bankrupt hiring lawyers to prove her innocence. You can read more about the inquiry here: Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario. Read the transcripts.; amazing stuff.