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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I talk too much

Yeah, I know. I talk wayyyy too much to people. I think it's one of the good things about Timmins, and not so good things. Ha ha ha. I left the office at 6:00 p.m. but I bumped into our city editor having a smoke at the front door. We chatted and before you know it, 15 minutes had passed. So I scooted over the YIG to pick up a couple of things. I got cookies, Jos Louis cakes, crackers, and stuff for soup. And I bumped into people at the store, so yeahhh, we yakked and yakked some more. Then as I was checking out the cashier felt like chatting... so there we were, smile and nod, smile and nod. I finally got away about 10 minutes later. There was no one else at the fast-lane check out. I got home just a short while ago. Put on boiling water, chopped up carrots, celery, added spices, barley and added the Campbell Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato broth. Looked at the clock. It was 7:48!
So now I am having a drink and waiting for the soup... I guess it will be just right in about an hour.
So I have a new toy in my vehicle. I purchased one of those dash cams. I have been researching them for about a year and finally Garmin came out with a nice affordable model. $200, on sale of course. It has HD quality, records excellent video day and night, and comes with a built in GPS and speedometer. Also, in a crunch, I can disconnect it from the dash and use it as a news cam.
In other news, I got back into my e-reader these past couple of weeks. Oh my goodness, I am reading a Giller Prize winning book ~ The Book of Negroes. It is riveting. I can barely put it down during my morning coffee so I can go to work. Wow, what a book.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy with Sorels

I have spent most of today looking after my winter boots. We have snow on the ground in Timmins and so I know the day will soon come that I have to wear my favourite winter boots, my Sorel Caribous. I am pleased to say I am on my second pair. I purchased my first pair back in the 1970s and they were excellent. I had some travels in the Arctic and my boots always keep my feet warm. Then in the 1990s, while living in Sudbury, our dog Brodie chewed them up one day. So I had to throw them out. For a few years, I figured I could get along without them. I had a couple of good pairs of hiking boots that were warm and waterproof and so that was fine. One day I was in a store and saw a nice new pair of Caribous on sale. It was spring or summer. So I scooped them up. Some years later I learned that Sorels were no longer made in Canada. The company was bought by Columbia and so now the boots are made in China. I was so pleased to see that my old boots are Canadian made. I'd like to think that is one reason why they've lasted so long. Also, I treat the boots each year to some cleaning, some TLC and a coating of beeswax. So once again, another winter with my toasty Caribous. I may look like an old farmer, but my toes will be warm.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pictures worth taking ...

Every now and then I see something that begs for a picture to be taken. That's how it was this morning when I was out shooting photos in the aftermath of the first snowstorm we had this season.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

New Whisky

Whisky is whisky is whisky, right? Nooooo! Whisky is like your moods. They're always different. Some weeks I don't have a sip at all and other times, I just crave the taste. So I was in the LCBO this week, looking at different whiskies when I noticed that Wiser's had a new product. Now I enjoy Wiser's Deluxe, which is a nice drink.
So I figured this new Wiser's spiced brand would be worth a taste. Oh my goodness... it is fabulous. It has a distinct toffee taste, which is easy to enjoy. So I am thinking this would be nice, over ice, with a splash of Bailey's... Wiser and Bailey's... I will call it a Blazer!
So be sure to get the toffee blend... dont' confuse it with the vanilla.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Ontario throwing money away ...

Can't figure out why our Queen's Park Liberal government, with all it's so-called financial hardship, can afford to give $85-Million to help the Honda corporation to upgrade its new car plant in Southern Ontario. So we can give $85-Million to a foreign car company but we can't help save Ontario Northland railway? I don't see where there is a worthwhile return on investment for Ontario. Honda has world-wide sales in the $billions. And Ontario is giving them money to improve their engine technology? If we are investing all that money, will Honda give us a piece of their sales?

Thursday, November 06, 2014

The lake looks good...

If you haven't been out by Gillies Lake in Timmins recently, the newly completed promenade boardwalk looks pretty nice. I like the fact that our city has such a nice lake right in the heart of the community and the fact that so many people like to spend time there. Hmmmm, I wonder how things will change in ten or so years from now when the open pit gold mine becomes the new Hollinger Lake.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

November is okay

I like November. Lots of interesting things happen, or have happened, in this month... I wonder why I only wrote one item in this blog for November 2013. Well I remembered that November is Ronald's birthday month. I think as a kid he always got cheated out of at least one Christmas gift because of his birthday. November also has Remembrance Day, which I always take so seriously. Actually I began wearing my poppy a couple of weeks back, after the attack in Ottawa. November is also the month that commemorates the death of President Kennedy. I will never forget that day. I also remember watching CNN the day the Berlin Wall came down. Wow, what a change in the world that day. November is also the month that took the Edmund Fitzgerald, made popular in the song by Lightfoot. The ship sank in Lake Superior in November 1975. I knew a reporter at the The Globe and Mail who covered that story. He remembered wondering why so many people were astounded at the loss of such a huge ship until he went to Lake Superior and saw for himself how horrible the storms could be.
On a somewhat more happy note, I made a pan of apple crisp last night. OMG it is soooo gooood. I hadn't made one in months, but I was out shopping Saturday and the store had put up a huge display of apples. So I bought a couple of pounds of nice Courtlands. Also instead of adding cinnamon I added allspice, which was quite nice. Had some with my breakfast coffee ... soooo goooood!