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Friday, October 31, 2008


Not long ago I read how one can read something about a community by looking at the signs. It got me thinking that there are a lot of interesting signs in Timmins. So I am going to start photographing them... my own little quasi-history project. One of my favorite signs is at the Airport Hotel in South Porcupine. I like the old neon style. And Zudel's grocery on Elm South has been in business for years. A to Z. That's a good start. I think if I start getting enough sign photos I just might begin a special blog. We'll see how it goes. (click on the photos to see large size)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back in? or Back Out?

Here's something I found on my son's blog... I don't know what makes me smile more.. the fact that he remembers one of my pet peeves or the fact that he reads The Globe and Mail... anyway, here is the link about the Great Debate, as Neil put it:

...By the way, I always back in to the driveway, or any parking spot. I think it's something I learned when I was a cab driver.

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

That's not my title... it's the title of an article in the American magazine Atlantic Monthly that looks at the fact that too many of us have stopped reading. I heard about it from Michael Enright on CBC today. The article discusses the idea that too many people who use the internet for their daily intake of information are getting used to the idea of reading short little tidbits. I can see that happening. People do not seem to read long articles anymore...I am hoping it's a temporary thing. Anyway, click here to read the article.
I have to read for a living. But thank goodness I still read for enjoyment. My problem is that I am reading so much these days, I forget what I've read. I was in a book store some days ago and try as I might, I couldn't remember if I had read a book that looked interesting. Now I have started an excel list on my laptop, so I can keep track of the books i have read. So far I am averaging six a month...mostly fiction, a few biographies, the usual mind-candy. Now if I could just find some extra time in the day to catch up on my sleep!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neil has all the fun...

Neil, my favourite son, gets to have all the fun. I was sitting here at my keyboard about 20 minutes ago, when my cellphone went "ding" to indicate a text message! It said "Hey, hey, my, my..." and then went on to explain that he was at a concert in Vancouver waiting for Neil Young to walk on stage. Wow. Cool. And then I thought... hey what's going on. I've never seen Neil Young... but my son has. I have never seen the Rolling Stones... but my son has. Oh yeah, he just reminded me he got to see Tom Petty as well. Oh well, i never liked crowds anyway...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Great moments in sports? Not really...

Well it may have been a great moment for a bunch of fellas in Timmins who got together for a hockey game at noon hour at the McIntyre Arena, today. Who knew that hockey great Ken Dryden was having lunch next door in the coffee shop and dropped by to say hi to the guys on the ice. Dryden, who was in Timmins campaigning for the Liberals, was good enough to shake hands with the guys and pose for a team shot with the gang. It was a cool thing to see.