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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ron and Matthew's big adventure :)

I was more than pleased this week to have Ronald and his son Matthew drop in to Timmins on their cross Canada trip from B.C. and Alberta to RCAF Trenton. Matt is being posted from the base at Cold Lake to the base at Trenton as his air force career continues. Ron flew out from Comox and met Matt in Saskatchewan to continue the trip.  Claudette was a great host putting on a nice dinner of ribs and chicken while I made sure the fellows enjoyed a bit of beer and whisky.  It was great to re-live some childhood memories and perhaps more amazing, to wonder how we managed to survive some of those childhood adventures.

Friday, September 08, 2017

My knife ...

Few people these days understand the importance of a pocket knife. While on vacation last week, I ran into one of those pseudo-urgent situations where I had a bottle of refreshment and no bottle opener. And it wasn’t a twist-top bottle. I was flummoxed! I always carry my favourite little slim Swiss Army Knife, but for the life of me I could not find it. Maybe some lucky person will eventually find it. The thing is I always like to have a knife not because I want to cut something, but because they’re so useful for other things. Such as opening a bottle of refreshment. 
As it turned out, we enjoyed our refreshments but had to resort to primitive methods to open the bottles. So as part of our holiday travels, there was a search for a new pocket knife, whenever there was a convenient moment. This included Toronto, Niagara On The Lake, Ottawa and even Kanata. On the final day of our travels, we stopped in North Bay at the mall there to see about other things. As I was walking along, Claudette pointed at one of those engraving shops, where you can buy all sorts of things for engraving. I walked in an inquired about their selection of pocket knives. Bingo! I am now the proud owner of a genuine Swiss Army Pioneer.