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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hail of a time eh...

The lightning flashed. The thunder boomed. The lights went out for a few moments and then I could hear the banging outside. It was rain, just slamming down and then there was hail. I opened the front door and snapped a picture. It was all over in about ten minutes. Then the sun was shining! The Weather Network says its not over yet. More thunderstorms tomorrow. There's a saying in Timmins... if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes and it will change.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Canoeing & Flowers

It's hard to beat a lazy summer afternoon on the water. I took the canoe over to Bigwater Lake in Timmins sunday for a nice paddle along the north shore. It was warm and sunny and the breeze kept the deer flies from being too annoying. Too many boaters seem to zip by and ignore the pleasures of the natural shoreline. We saw reeds, lily pads and plenty of wild flowers, like this nice blue iris. I am still looking for the elusive Timmins Orchid. There are a handful of people in town who know where to find it, but they're not telling! One of these days I will find it... and you'll see it here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Bugs

I don't know much about bugs. Now that it's summer we get to see more colorful insects. I like dragonflies and damselflies. The one is a Blue Ringed Dancer damselfly. It's about 3 centimetres long. It was hovering around Pearl Lake at lunchtime today. As much as they look nice, the best part is that they eat mosquitoes! And they don't bother people at all. Mother Nature is cool eh.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer. Out on the Mira.

It's the first day of summer. For me that brings back one memory. It's a place called Grand Mira. It's a fabulous little "piece of the universe" located in Cape Breton Island. One of my earliest summer memories is of my parents letting myself and my brother swim bare-butt in the Mira River. Then we went to Europe but when we came back some years later, it was summer and we went swimming in the river again. We stayed on the family farm. I remember cows, horses, chickens and sheep. There was an outhouse and we carried water from the well. Because we were air force brats, we traveled a bit. But luckily we were able to return to Mira for many summers. We got to meet our cousins. They were brats too, just like us. I just remember enjoying the fact that I had "dozens of cousins". I loved it. By the time I was ten, I learned how to smoke, swear and drive the milk truck.
Summer. Mira. It doesn't get much better.
There is a wonderful song written about Mira:
Out on the Mira on a warm afternoon,
Old men go fishing with black line and spoon
And if they catch nothing they never complain,
I wish I was with them again.

As boys in their boats call to girls on the shore,
Teasing the one that they really adore,
And into the evening the courting begins,
I wish I was with them again.

Can you imagine a piece of the universe
more fit for princes and kings?
I'll give you ten of your cities for Marion bridge
and the pleasure it brings

Out on the Mira on soft summer nights
Bonfires blaze to the children's delight
They dance round the flames singing songs with their friends;
I wish I was with them again.

And over the ashes the stories are told
Of witches and werewolves and Oak Island gold
The stars on the river they sparkle and spin;
I wish I was with them again.


Out on the Mira the people are kind,
They'll treat you to home-brew and help you unwind.
And if you come broken they'll see that you mend
I wish I was with them again.

And thus I conclude with a wish you go well,
Sweet be your dreams, may your happiness swell,
I'll leave you here, for my journey begins,
I'm going to be with them,
going to be with them,
I'm going to be with them again.

Friday, June 16, 2006

My Little Brother

So there I was sitting in Timmies this morning when I saw RSM Ron Drouin. The military types, especially my younger brother, will know about RSM. So Ron asked, how is your brother, referring of course to my young brother Ronald. Ron and Ron spent time together in the armed forces. Then Ron said, hey I can send you some photos of your brother. And so he did. And so here is a picture of Ronald in 1976! 30 Years Ago!! Wayyyy too funny. I have to admit, he used to be good looking. But hey I can say that... after all I am the bigger brother! : )

Monday, June 12, 2006

Just news and stuff...

It's always nice to meet someone you haven't seen in awhile. I was shopping Friday when I heard a quiet voice saying "hi Uncle Len." There was Tasha, my favorite neice from Red Lake. She was in town with her husband for the Ontario Mine Rescue event. It was nice. I haven't blogged lately because I have been on the road so much. Saying Thanks to my son Neil for calling and wishing me a happy Father's Day! A week early! He's so thoughtful. LOL. I was in Gravenhurst Saturday morning. It's a really nice town. They have an amazing car show there. Of course, I dropped by Timmy's and sure enough, there was a neighbor from Timmins. No matter where you go, you always meet somebody from Timmins. Was in Sudbury Saturday night and stayed at the Parker House B&B. It's a great place. And by the way, was having breakfast Sunday morning in the dining room, looked up and there was a couple from Timmins, saying hello.