Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy with Sorels

I have spent most of today looking after my winter boots. We have snow on the ground in Timmins and so I know the day will soon come that I have to wear my favourite winter boots, my Sorel Caribous. I am pleased to say I am on my second pair. I purchased my first pair back in the 1970s and they were excellent. I had some travels in the Arctic and my boots always keep my feet warm. Then in the 1990s, while living in Sudbury, our dog Brodie chewed them up one day. So I had to throw them out. For a few years, I figured I could get along without them. I had a couple of good pairs of hiking boots that were warm and waterproof and so that was fine. One day I was in a store and saw a nice new pair of Caribous on sale. It was spring or summer. So I scooped them up. Some years later I learned that Sorels were no longer made in Canada. The company was bought by Columbia and so now the boots are made in China. I was so pleased to see that my old boots are Canadian made. I'd like to think that is one reason why they've lasted so long. Also, I treat the boots each year to some cleaning, some TLC and a coating of beeswax. So once again, another winter with my toasty Caribous. I may look like an old farmer, but my toes will be warm.

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