Sunday, November 09, 2014

New Whisky

Whisky is whisky is whisky, right? Nooooo! Whisky is like your moods. They're always different. Some weeks I don't have a sip at all and other times, I just crave the taste. So I was in the LCBO this week, looking at different whiskies when I noticed that Wiser's had a new product. Now I enjoy Wiser's Deluxe, which is a nice drink.
So I figured this new Wiser's spiced brand would be worth a taste. Oh my goodness... it is fabulous. It has a distinct toffee taste, which is easy to enjoy. So I am thinking this would be nice, over ice, with a splash of Bailey's... Wiser and Bailey's... I will call it a Blazer!
So be sure to get the toffee blend... dont' confuse it with the vanilla.

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