Sunday, November 02, 2014

November is okay

I like November. Lots of interesting things happen, or have happened, in this month... I wonder why I only wrote one item in this blog for November 2013. Well I remembered that November is Ronald's birthday month. I think as a kid he always got cheated out of at least one Christmas gift because of his birthday. November also has Remembrance Day, which I always take so seriously. Actually I began wearing my poppy a couple of weeks back, after the attack in Ottawa. November is also the month that commemorates the death of President Kennedy. I will never forget that day. I also remember watching CNN the day the Berlin Wall came down. Wow, what a change in the world that day. November is also the month that took the Edmund Fitzgerald, made popular in the song by Lightfoot. The ship sank in Lake Superior in November 1975. I knew a reporter at the The Globe and Mail who covered that story. He remembered wondering why so many people were astounded at the loss of such a huge ship until he went to Lake Superior and saw for himself how horrible the storms could be.
On a somewhat more happy note, I made a pan of apple crisp last night. OMG it is soooo gooood. I hadn't made one in months, but I was out shopping Saturday and the store had put up a huge display of apples. So I bought a couple of pounds of nice Courtlands. Also instead of adding cinnamon I added allspice, which was quite nice. Had some with my breakfast coffee ... soooo goooood!


Anonymous said...

November is also the birth month of your youngest

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was gonna mention that. For sure. On the 23rd! :) Len