Sunday, February 07, 2016

Yes, spring is on the way...

February is here already, and I like that. It means spring is not far away. That has to be my favourite season. I was out walking in the forest the other day and just marvelled at how fresh the air is in Northern Ontario. I am not being trite. I am actually laughing because my apartment air gets stale sometimes. That’s only because my building is energy efficient and a bit airtight. Sometimes when I cook with onions I make the mistake of throwing the scraps in the garbage without wrapping the onions scraps. I will come home from work and the whole place smells like onion! So yes, I enjoying getting out for a walk on a trail to enjoy the fresh air.
I was out in the bush this morning as well. It was minus 32 with the windchill, but I barely noticed it because it was such a nice day. 
Interesting times lately. Trading was halted on shares of Lake Shore Gold on the TSX on Friday after the company released drill results with some nice high grade gold zones in Timmins. This has caused quite of bit of excitement. I am hoping this is good news for the city.

I am looking forward to next month, when I take a bit of a mini-vacation. People will laugh at me, but I am going to the annual prospector’s convention in Toronto. I am going at my own expense, but I know I will have fun. There will be mining people there from around the world, and any mining reporter worth his salt should drop in. So I will spend a few days rubbing elbows with these folks and enjoying myself. Prospectors are interesting folks and they drink the best whiskey. If I am tempted enough, I might even enjoy a cigar! I should mention that all the high finance people will be there too. It is quite something to see when the bearded fellows in the plaid shirts mix it up with the fellows in tuxedos. I couldn’t get a room at the Royal York this time. But I will be staying at the Harbour Castle. It’s a nice place and not far from the convention. 

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