Thursday, February 11, 2016

Blatch ... you suck!

Okay so this is my rant today and it’s a media thing. I like to go online and read newspaper stories. That’s because newspaper articles are usually in-depth, with good quotes, good background and good sources.  That’s what I expect from a newspaper article.  I also go to broadcast websites to see television coverage of stories. I like TV news. When it is done right. 

I don’t like it when I click on a news headline and a little video screen pops up with a really lame print reporter trying to tell a broadcast story. When I want to see a video, I will go a broadcast website and watch a TV story done the right way, with good video and a good TV reporter telling a story. Example, NatPost reporter Christie Blatchford has been reporting all this week on the Ghomeshi trial. I love reading what Blatch writes. Her writing style is great. But whoever put Blatch in front of a TV camera needs their ass kicked. OMG, it is painful to watch. It is so bad that it takes away from the fact that she is a wonderful reporter   … for newspapers. 

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