Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hollywood shower

I had a Hollywood shower this morning. That means I turned the water to the hottest hot I could stand just stood there soaking up the heat for as long as I could. For several days now I have endured a cold; not just your ordinary cold, but a real miserable MANcold. Ha Ha Ha. So the hot shower was indeed a comfort.  Now get this. Recent medical research indicated that men and women do respond differently to some illnesses, and the cold it one of them. It was just a study, but the indications were that when your body responds to the cold germs, it can either respond massively by causing swelling, fever, pain, congested lungs and sinus, runny nose, runny eyes, all in a bid by your anti-bodies to overcome the cold germs, --- or it can respond passively over a period of several days. So the study found that in most men, the body responds quickly, thus causing more initial discomfort. It said cold symptoms are actually the body’s response to fighting the cold. The study said for women, the response is milder. So there, MANcolds are real.
P.S. Belated happy birthday to Jennifer. Yeah, yeah, I know you're a December baby. You will get your gift at Christmas... i promise something extra. ha ha ha. 

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