Monday, November 23, 2015

Is this the start of something great?

Maybe I am becoming a food activist. I am not sure. I know that I don’t eat Nestlé products anymore, for political reasons. The Nestlé corporation has some very unsavoury views about acquiring fresh water for profit. I disagree, so I have stopped buying Nestlé water and all their food products… including those wonderful ice cream treats. Oh well. Today I am trying something new. Like most people I know I would only buy Heinz Ketchup. But since that company closed its Canadian plant at Leamington, Ontario it appears that our favourite Heinz is no longer made in Canada. I have been told, but have not been able to confirm, that it is made in Mexico. Well now, Mexico I am told is nice place. But I prefer to buy local. Tonight I was picking up some groceries when I noticed that French’s now makes a ketchup product. So yes indeed, I purchased a bottle. I am not sure yet that it is made in Canada, but the label said ten cents from every bottle sold goes to Ontario Food Banks. Oh please, I hope it tastes good. Or I will feel like a bloody fool.


Shannon Mischuk said...

Hello Len,

I am looking for bloggers from Timmins :) I work for the Grocery Foundation, a not-for-profit organization feeding hungry kids in schools across Ontario. Would you be able to connect with me via email?

shannon at livingventures dot co

(not .com actually .co) thanks

GMN said...


The tomatoes for French's Ketchup are grown in Leamington. Here is a link to an article on French's Ketchup.

I hope French's tastes good as I am leaving Heinz and switching to French's on my next ketchup purchase.


Len said...

Glen, thank you!