Monday, December 28, 2015

Women deserve the credit ...

I know it sounds terrible, but the women I know have made it possible to enjoy another fabulous Christmas. Women do all the work and I don’t think men should be involved.  I don’t think men are as well organized when it comes to putting together a family celebration. Heck, they’re not organized at all.  So I have to say thanks to Jennifer and her mother-in-law Denise for making this Christmas just another perfect time.  But the men do follow instructions well enough. So Don and Scottie deserve credit also.
I have also learned that it helps to make sure the women have wine, lots and lots of wine, whenever they feel like it. Men use duct tape to get things done. Women use wine. Suddenly the parable of Jesus at the Wedding at Cana, as described in the Gospel of John, makes sense. Jesus had no idea the wedding had run out of wine. His mother did.  Without her, Jesus would not have performed the miracle.
I was also pleased to bring along some Beaujolais which some wine experts say is just a great Christmas wine, since it is always released in the third week of November. Some wine snobs dispute this. But my experience is that it just always tastes good.  Always light and fruity. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad Beaujolais. So that’s all I can say. We also enjoyed a couple of bottles of Chianti, a Ruffino and a Gabbiano. Great stuff. 

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