Sunday, October 11, 2015

Another perfect weekend in Westree ...

Happy to say the Thanksgiving weekend was extra special, as it should be. Once again, I was pleased to be guest of the Alexander Family in Westree, where the food was fabulous and the hospitality was outstanding. Denise and Don were terrific hosts as usual. Being there with Jenn, Scott and the boys was excellent. Sitting around the fire Saturday night was so relaxing just to hear the wind blowing through the trees. A perfect way to relax after a perfect supper. I am surprised we were able to pull ourselves away from the fire to go watch the hockey game. No Leaf jokes please. Ha ha. The boys had fun when Scott took them out hunting for partridge early Saturday and Sunday. As Jennifer suggested, we spent Sunday morning fishing. I figured it would be a nice quiet couple of hours on the lake. Who knew? I got the first bite within minutes, landing a small Northern Pike, that we put back in the water.(Fishing in the North isn't fishing until somebody catches a pike!) After that, it amazing as the smallmouth bass were biting like crazy. We caught lots of fish, took a few fun photos and put them back in the lake. At one point, three of us were all reeling in a different fish at the same. At one point, Tyler caught a bass, but in the process he snagged a line. I thought it was a line from the bottom of the lake, so I grabbed a knife and sliced it. I didn’t know it was Jennifer’s fishing line! Yeah, so I am going to hear about that for awhile. Anyway, it was just the best time and I do have so much to be thankful for.

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