Sunday, October 25, 2015

A bit too fussy maybe?

Standing in line at the grocery store this past week when a nice looking lady ahead of me glances up and gives me The Smile. I call it that, because it can translate into I-might-be interested-in-a-cup-of-coffee smile. I just smile and nod for the time being. She’s nicely dressed (as in no sweat pants or athletic wear). And no rings on the left hand. We’re both in the express line. Neither one of us is buying a cartload of groceries. Another good sign. (This means retired or semi-retired and there’s no crowd at home.) So maybe I will say hello. Just then, she says something to cashier. The cashier walks over to the shelf and comes back with cigarettes. Arrghh! Deal killer.
It happened again Saturday. Express line. I’ve got milk, juice and Danish. It’s all in one of those plastic grocery baskets. Lady ahead has a cart with a few things in it. Waiting patiently. She looks back casually, notices me, and yes, The Smile. Nice looking. My age or thereabouts. No rings. Looks good in jeans. So this is pleasant. Then she reaches into her cart and pulls out a very large item. So here’s my chance. Step forward and offer assistance. It’s a big, big pail. She struggles. OMG it’s a 25 kilogram pail of cat litter! Quickly, I step back. And the cart is loaded with several cans of cat food. Whew. That was close. A middle-aged cat lady. Deal killer.

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