Friday, October 09, 2015


I have to admit I was a bit skittish about a hospital test I took today. It was my first time ever for a colonoscopy. Given my age and family history, it was something that was overdue. So I think I acted cool and calm about it, but my blood pressure and heart rate were a bit higher than normal according to the nurse this morning. Yeah, I was nervous. Good news though. The doctor said no polyps, no tumours, nothing unusual at all. He said to come back in five years for another one. Woohoo!
I have also been getting used to a new set of specs this past week. My other ones were more than ten years old. So yes, it was time. Well, what a difference. My prescription changed quite a bit in the past ten years, so I can see much better now with my new glasses. Imagine my surprise when I picked out the "old man" style horn rims only to be advised they're back in style. The only wildcard is that my right eye is significantly weaker than my left eye for some reason. The eye doctor said he couldn't pin down the problem, but to go back in six to nine months for a check up. I was also using Visine everyday because my right eye would be bloodshot in the mornings. Doc told me to stop using it, and in a couple of days, it would clear up. He was right.
This is going to be a good weekend. I am heading out to Westree shortly to enjoy Thanksgiving with the Alexander family. It has been awhile since I enjoyed the amazing peace and quiet of a nice camp in Northern Ontario. Well, that's a relative thing. Moose season opened today, so it will be quite busy in the bush. Maybe a bit noisy.
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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