Wednesday, January 01, 2014

They're the best guys...

As a proud grandfather, I'd like to share the story of my Grandsons on Christmas Eve. After consulting with their mom and dad, it was decided both boys could have a fixed amount of money to pick out a gift for themselves from me, Papa. So off we went, first for a fabulous breakfast at a pancake house and then on to the mall. After hiking through the crowds for what seemed like hours, Tyler found the perfect hockey stick. It wasn’t as expensive as it might have been, so Tyler still had $30 to his credit. After much deliberation, Nathan said he’d like to buy a Sudbury Wolves hockey sweater. Luckily, there was a specialty shop that sold those sweaters. As we walked in, Nathan was obviously pleased. Looking at the big display, I asked him if he wanted the navy blue sweater, or the white sweater. He said neither and pointed at the retro-style green sweater worn by the Wolves in years past. Nathan was smiling. He was able to find the right size right away, but there was no price on it. We called the sales clerk over, who told us the price. It was $20 more than Nathan had to spend. Without a word, Nathan's face went blank. He turned to walk out of the store. But that’s when Tyler spoke up and said he would pay the difference for his little brother. Now, these guys scrap and argue like any other fellas, but when the time was right, a brother stepped up for his brother. I was so happy. I am sure my eyes got misty. And then on Christmas morning, I got an autographed photo of both of my favourite guys. Life doesn't get much better eh. Just sayin'.

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