Friday, January 03, 2014

Cold enough for ya?

Cold snap continues in Timmins. I have to make a point these days of ensuring the vehicle is plugged in. Thursday morning the temperature was minus 41, with a windchill of minus 52. Cold like that gave people a lot to talk about in the line ups for coffee. I honestly don't mind the cold, as long as one is properly dressed for it. I was driving along Pine Street Thursday and saw a telephone company guy going up a ladder to work near the top of a utility pole. Now that has be a challenge. One doesn't see too many outdoor workers when the temperature hit minus 41. Apparently the cold snap will break this weekend, thanks to warmer weather moving in from the Prairies. Funny, some of my earliest memories of extreme cold came while I was living in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.
I have to admit that with Christmas and New Years falling in the middle of the week, I find I am not yet in full back-to-work mode. I feel more like putting my feet up and daydreaming!
Had a nice chat with Debra a few days ago, now that she and her men are back home in Cambridge. They all took off to Disney World in Florida to celebrate their Christmas. Deb said they all had a great time, which is nice.
Jennifer and I shared a nice phone call to Neil on Boxing Day, so we could all get caught up on the family gossip. I felt terrible about not calling Neil on Christmas Day, but it was quickly forgiven. Neil had "an orphan's Christmas", getting together with several friends in Vancouver to celebrate. He also enjoyed telling us that the weather in Vancouver was so mild that some people were wearing shorts outside.

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