Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter nights

One of the nice things about winter in Northern Ontario is just enjoying a nice winter night. That's how it was over Christmas at Jenn and Scott's place. We had time to enjoy a nice bonfire and the boys had fun on what they call the ODR (Out Door Rink). Scotty hung little frying pans on the goal net as puck targets, because the styrofoam targets you buy at the sports store get shredded quickly from all the practice shots.  Another fun thing that I enjoyed was actually shovelling all the snow off the rink. It was great exercise after enjoying all the food, the drink and the amazing christmas pastries and treats. This is also my first video on here. If people like it, I will post more.

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Anonymous said...

Like the hockey video. [Free ice time, eh?]

Can you load it on YouTube? Title it; 'hockey' & 'Northern Ontario' or something like that and you'll get visits.

Found these...

Have a good day.


One more thing. Why did they rename Murdock Street to Murdoch Avenue?
OCK vs OCH & Street vs Avenue. Weird.

Ta ta 4 now.