Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Work is noble ... Grandma said so.

I was just driving home from work, when I spotted a fellow on Cedar North, going door to door. He had one of those name tags for direct home sales and a clipboard. For an instant, I thought, ... just a pesky door to door sales guy. Then it hit me, words from my Grandma... All work is noble! Suddenly I empathized with the guy. He's young, clean cut, shirt and tie and it's 29 degrees out there. As I drove by I noticed that he seemed determined. It is certainly not a glamour job. Maybe he's a kid putting himself through university or college. The important thing is, he is working. There's a lot of people out there who act loud and proud and wouldn't do the work. That's too bad. Like Grandma said, work is noble. There is a good friend of mine in this town who had a very posh job a few years back. Suddenly, through no fault of his own, the job was eliminated. Sometime later, I ran into him ... he was working as a stock boy at Wal Mart. He was as cheerful as ever. I had to admire that. The guy picked up and kept working. And now he has another posh position... A government job no less(Ka-ching). So I have to remember that, work is noble. If somebody is working, they're doing their part to carry their load. They have my respect.

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