Saturday, July 06, 2013

Good job Gillette!

It was last September I posted a note here singing the praises of the Gillette Fusion razor. And rightfully so. Since last July I have been shaving with Fusion blades and I have to say they are the best. Not only that, they're the most economical. Even though it costs $18 for a four-blade package, each blade lasts longer that a month... Usually five weeks. That is amazing. I am a fussy shaver. Not fuzzy! Fussy! If I don't get a clean shave I change blades right away. I can't believe how the Fusion blades stay so sharp for so long. Anyway, my first Fusion was a free sample give-away when I was on vacation in Toronto. So I tried it and liked it. Since then I have purchased three packages of blades, which have lasted more than a year. So with birthdays and Christmas still far off in the future, everyone knows now... watch for the sales! LOL

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