Friday, July 26, 2013

Beat the parking ticket! Uh huh!

A good thing happened this week when I went to court. I won the case against my parking ticket. Yep, got the ticket back in May when I went to lunch downtown. Came out an hour later and saw the ticket. Wait a minute, I put money in the meter.
Sure enough there was still time on the meter. But this was no ordinary parking ticket… apparently, even though I paid the meter, I was getting in the way of daytime street sweeping. This was a $50 fine. Whoa! 50 buckaroos is a lot of money. So I challenged it, did some research and the court agreed. It seems the no-parking sign the city posted was an incorrect no-parking sign. So I was pleased I didn’t have to pay the $50. So were the four other people in traffic court who had the same tickets I did. I wonder how many people just paid the fine?

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