Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mom had boyfriends?

Our favourite Leafs seem to be nicely avoiding their tee off times this spring by staying in the playoffs.  Like all the leaf fans I know I am holding my breath and hoping for the best. Boston is a tough team, but we have to have faith. So let’s hope for a nice Mother’s Day treat on Sunday.
I enjoyed covering the Mine Rescue competitions this week. It was nice to see the fellows from Xstrata Kidd Mine, my old workplace, win the bragging rights for another year. I got a kick out of seeing a lot of the older mine rescue fellows show up to watch the competition. It was nice talking with them. Then I realized, I am one of the old fellows too.
A lot of folks do not realize it, but mine rescue in Ontario began right here in Timmins after the terrible mine fire in 1928. Somebody in government decided that it was not a good idea to have 39 miners die in the span of a few hours and so a royal commission was held and the government ordered that a mine rescue agency be created.
Had a quick chat with Melissa this week. She is planning a trip out west next week and says she plans to drop in to see her cousin Neil. So that will be nice for them.
Funny how things happen, but I was reminded of my mother twice this week. First thing,  I was getting some old clothes ready for the charity bin. I haven’t worn them in more than a year, so I went to the closet and my dresser to pull things out. Of course, I had to wash them again. That is exactly what my mom would have done.  Second thing was that the local navy cadets celebrated the anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. That reminded me of the many photos Mom had of her days in Halifax during World War II.  When we were kids we would look at the photos of Mom and all the people she hung out with back then. Of course, there were lots of pictures of Mom with sailors. It was funny because as kids we would say, hey Mom, that guy isn’t Dad, who is it? Mom always laughed and said she didn’t remember.

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