Sunday, May 05, 2013

Helpful people

May is always a busy month in Timmins for the news. Last year it was the forest fires that dominated the local issues and this year it is flooding.  Porcupine Lake and the Mattagami River are both running higher, wayyyyy higher, than normal.
So of course it means that most of my time is taken up chasing fresh stories on how the flood is impacting on the city. I think the best part was seeing how people come out to help their neighbours. I was so impressed with the sandbag filling stations set up at several places in town. People who were not in the flood zones showed up to grab a shovel and fill sandbags. Then they helped lug those heavy sandbags into different places where they could stop the rising water.
In any event the flood waters are now easing as the snowmelt is almost done. But there are still many areas around Timmins that still have snow and so the spring runoff will continue for several days.
Also had a nice chat with Jennifer Saturday and things are good at Chez Alexander in Val Caron. Her report card marks had just been posted and Jenn was pleased to report a perfect 4.0 GPA.  The boys are enjoying their new three-on-three hockey league too. It’s a new thing in Sudbury and quite popular I am told.

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