Monday, May 20, 2013

My bathroom sparkles.

I keep telling my colleagues in the news business there is more news to be reported in Timmins than they can imagine. Often they roll their eyes and smile at me. This past week was an example. Just after the flood threat was subsiding, we got word that a man near Cochrane was attacked by a black bear. I mean this was a really serious attack. The bear ripped off the man's scalp and chewed up some serious damage to the man's shoulder and back. The amazing part was that the man survived thanks to a couple of women from Timmins who were out camping for a Mothers Day getaway and they came upon the attack. They literally saved the mans life. I was pleased to get the first interview with the victim in his hospital room and then we followed up with an interview with the women. The first interview ended up in the Toronto Sun, so the story was picked up by the national media.
(Nick Ouellette Photo)
Then, on Sunday we got slammed, I mean really slammed, with a snowstorm. A Mothers Day blizzard. Go figure. Just as those stories were running their course, word came in that a diamond driller from Timmins was lost in an Arctic blizzard way up in Rankin Inlet.  So the whole town was on edge as the search was on. I say on edge because there was nothing anyone in Timmins could do. We had to sit and wait for the RCMP and rescue teams up north to do the work. Finally, after 65 hours of being lost on the tundra, the guy is found. He was wet and cold, but he survived. Great story.
So today is a relaxation day. Just thinking back... it was one year ago that the huge forest fire No. 9 broke out. Thank goodness,  no fires to report today.
I was housecleaning today and I just did the floors and the bathroom. I figure my Mom taught me right. I have purchased and used every type of bathroom cleaner out there, but nothing works better than a can of Comet and boiling water. I scrubbed and scrubbed. My bathroom is literally sparkling now.  I think I am gonna need sunglasses next time I have to pee!
I knew today the stores would be closed so yesterday I dropped by Pick Of The Crop and picked up a lovely ribeye steak. I was going to have it for supper yesterday, but decided to give it a bit more time in the marinade. Woohoo, can't wait to taste that sizzlin' slab o' beef! Jennifer has me thinking about being more choosey in the food I eat. So I bought some organic cherry tomatoes for my salad.

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