Thursday, September 13, 2012

News keeping me too busy ...

 I have to apologize again for not being here as often as I should, but it has been a hell of a week for news. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I was saddened to have to cover the death of an eight-year-old boy in a car crash. Worse yet was the fact that his casket with his remains was shipped north to a Reserve on the James Bay Coast for burial by his family. It was emotional for those at the airport as the casket was being shipped out.

 Then the woman accused of being responsible for driving the vehicle causing the death appeared in court for bail hearing. But she was met by protesters outside the court shouting some very nasty things. It was not pleasant to be there.

Timmins has also won a bid to become the new balloon launching facility for the Canadian Space Agency, and the space agency from France. It's a big deal with millions of dollars being spent at no cost to the people of Timmins. Anyway, they had a big media event Monday and were prepared to launch a small balloon (97 Metres long) but the wind took and things got out of control. I hated to see it happen but another part of me delighted in getting photos of the balloon getting tangled in the light posts. Oh well, no biggie.

Tomorrow I am back in court again. There is the case of a young woman who is accused of murdering her boyfriend. I have to get photos of her as the police bring her in to the court house. Wonderful, just wonderful.

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