Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bizarre testimony and cheesecake fruit pizza

As mentioned in my previous posting, I had to drop by court Friday morning to snap a photo of an accused killer being brought in for a bail hearing. I didn’t notice right away, but I guess high heels are the cool thing to wear to bail court. I don’t know if the shackle chains match up very nicely with those shoes though.

Regardless, the testimony was unusual. There is a ban on publication, meaning I can’t even discuss the case here on a blog. The testimony was intense, emotional and bizarre. Can’t tell you any more than that right now.

I spoke to Neil Saturday and it was a treat to talk to him. He is well and still living the good life in Vancouver. But he has quit working at Steamworks! That was the popular pub in the Gastown district. Not to worry, he is working at another popular pub down the street  … a place called The Black Frog and he says its just fine. Different names eh? I think they should open a pub and call it The Shackled Shoe!
So, Neil is happy and enjoying the job.  He said each year the pub holds a party for the staff  … but instead of having the party on the premises, they close the pub for a few days and everyone goes on a trip out of town. He said he is looking forward to a little sea cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles. That’s cool.

Well, Sunday morning in Timmins is nice right now, sunny and mild… and cool too. Had a nice evening last night. A news colleague, Lydia,  had a nice dinner party. The food was great … a very nice multi-course dinner. I never had a cheesecake fruit pizza before. Wow, what a treat. Of course, I find most desserts are great when they’re washed down with whisky. And I did not have to do the taxi thing either. Luckily Lydia’s house is about two blocks away and I had a refreshing walk home. Slept great too.

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Anonymous said...

> I don’t know if the shackle chains match up
> very nicely with those shoes though.

Apparently you don't surf kinky porn sites... ;-)