Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October weather is strange this year ...

Almost two weeks into October and this is my first posting this month. I have been busy and I am glad to say the Ontario election is over. I am not glad with the result. Interestingly, Northern Ontario rejected the Liberals. It was also the lowest voter turnout in Ontario since Confederation! I guess people are just fed up with politicians. Back at work today after spending a few days with Jenn and Scott and Tyler and Nathan. It was so good. I was glad to spend a lot of time with them, but we missed other members of the family. Don and Denise were in Arizona. Christine, Dimitrios and Victoria had to stay in the city. We still had fun. We got a few cases of warm pop, set them up as targets and shot them with pellet guns, making them explode. Yes, it's silly … but still a lot of fun.
Jenn and I called up Neil and had a nice chat with him. He is making plans for a visit at Christmas. Maybe by then we will have some seasonal weather. The weather this past weekend was bizarre because it was so much like July! The high temperature Saturday was 28. Who would believe it. And there was a forest fire up near Westree. They had to close highway 560 near the sawmill for two days. Some finished lumber and some heavy equipment was destroyed in the mill yard. This is definitely not normal October weather. The sun is still shining brightly today and the weather is so warm. Not going to complain at all.

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