Saturday, August 06, 2011

Roaming in the bush . . .

Having tea this morning instead of coffee. A couple of friends hauled me out last night for drinks, and although I was home early, I find tea is better on those mornings after the night before. I did sit out a bit last night before bed and was treated to some splendid Northern Lights just before midnight. I have been scratching a bit this week thanks to a trip into the bush Tuesday. The bugs got some good bites into me. It was a quiet Tuesday around suppertime and there was a report of a minor derailment on the CN mainline near Foleyet. I was told there was road access through a couple of very old bush roads. So I grabbed a map, topped up with gas and headed out. Well the map shows a road, but the reality is a narrow trail better suited to an ATV. I did my best to find the derailment... without success. Regardless, I snapped some photos. After three hours of driving around in low gear, so I wouldn't get stuck, I called it quits. But it was still a busy, busy week for news. I will put that all aside next week ... Next Saturday morning I will be packing my bags for a holiday. I plan to drop in to see Jennifer and her boys before heading out. Later.

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