Friday, July 29, 2011

Weather is nicer ... finally.

Friday morning and I have had enough sleep so I figured it was a good time to update the blog. This month has been busy, but the heat has been way more than I expected. It just fries my brain and slows me down. I was able to spend more time indoors and got caught up on my reading. The best part of the month is the fact that I have spent more time with Jennifer and her family. Last week I got over to Foleyet where Don and Denise set up their camp for a week. Had a fabulous day playing texas horseshoes and seeing everyone. It was close enough to Vic’s birthday that Denise made an ice cream cake. Wow, was that ever good. It sure didn’t last long. The kids had fun in the trailer and there was a couple of gifts for Vic. So that was all good. The weather in Timmins cooled down this week and I got out to do some hiking. It was sure nice out last night.

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