Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Sony cam did the job nicely...

I am usually pretty darned fussy when it comes to shooting photos, especially when you want to get a photo of the oldest church in London. I try to get pictures as sharp as possible, good color, good lighting, good quality and all that. Going on vacation with my tiny little SONY shirt-pocket cam was a bit of a risk, but I told myself if I wasn’t happy with the photos I could always pick up a Nikon cheaply in a duty free shop. Well I didn’t need to do that. The little digi-cam was just right for the holidays. I was more than happy I didn’t have to lug around the big cameras like I did last summer. I took a handful of photos, about 100 in all in think, which will serve as a nice record of my trip to the UK. There were a few instances I wished I had the big cams, but overall I am pleased with the quality of photos from the little SONY.

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