Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting around in London

One of the best things about being a tourist in London is that I have learned to use The Tube, also known as the London Underground or the subway. The taxis are good, but to go for any distance, you want to use the subway. It is amazing and it will get you virtually anywhere in the city along with a three or four minute walk. This week I am staying at The Hotel Indigo right next to Paddington Station. Yesterday I was able to ride the train from Paddington all the way out to Wembley Stadium in about 45 minutes. It is so easy. Also, I use a plastic "Oyster" card that I tap at the turnstile to gain entry. No farting around with tickets. I get a daily low rate no matter how many times I use the train.
Speaking of Wembley, it is a fantastic stadium big enough for 90-thousand people! That's twice the population of Timmins!! I was convinced by some fellows to go to the championship rugby game for all of England. It's the biggest rugby game of the year they told me ... something like the Stanley Cup for hockey. It was my first time seeing a pro rugby game. They pronounce it ROOG-beh. What a party. The teams were the Wigan Warriors in red and the Leeds Rhinos in blue. So I wore both colors. I met up with some fellows from Oxford who play rugby and also enjoyed drinking massive jugs of beer.

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