Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wasnt that a party ! ?

Back home Sunday night after having a few days off and spending time with Jennifer’s family. I was totally relaxed with no phone, no internet and no TV. It was nice to see the boys again, but the real purpose of the weekend was a celebration of Don and Denise’s 40th wedding anniversary. Scott, Jenn, Christine and Demetrios pulled it off perfectly and the surprise was complete. Nathan, Tyler and Victoria were also part of the planning and were fabulous helpers too. Scott actually headed out from Sudbury early Saturday morning, drove to north Westree and convinced his Mom and Dad they had to come back to Sudbury. The ruse was that the roof needed more work. So Don agreed to go and help and Denise agreed to come down and spend time in Sudbury as well. It was only at the last second when they saw the cars, the decorations and then all the people that they knew there was a party for them. Victoria, Tyler and Nathan gave “Grammie” Denise a nice bouquet of roses. There was also a huge chocolate cake with a nice funny photo of Don and Denise. For the cake cutting ceremony, Don pulled out his bush knife and did the honours. Along with all the guests from the Sudbury area, it was really nice to see so many of the Westree friends who made the trip down to Sudbury. How nice was that?! By the way, the food was so good that on Sunday morning, we all had hamburgers and cake for breakfast. This family knows how to celebrate. So from 2:00 p.m. to midnight, we all had a very good time with lots of food, cake and one or two beverages.

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