Sunday, July 03, 2011

Canada Day with the boys and Jennifer

... have been putting off my blogging for a few days as I was pleased to have Jenn and the boys for company. They arrived in Timmins just in time to celebrate the long weekend. One of our first stops was at the Gold Mine Tour where they got all suited up for their trip underground. I remember bringing Jennifer down to the 4700 level at Kidd Mine when she ten years old.

It was nice for the boys to visit a real gold mine, in this case, the world famous Hollinger Mine. The boys got to see some real gold pieces and I was amazed to see a new vein of gold recently highlighted in the tour. As I looked at it, I was thinking how amazed the first prospectors must have been when they saw the gold veins in Timmins back in the early discovery days 100 years ago. Either way, I think the boys had a good time. I know Jennifer was pleased to look so glamorous in the mining clothes! Actually, her hair looks pretty fantastic. I was also pleased to show the boys around the Shania Twain Centre, and one of the awards on the wall was the Can-Pro award from my team at MCTV. We won a national gold medal for a documentary on Shania back in the 1990s and I was able to give her the award in 1998. After that we took in the Ribfest celebration where the boys had fun doing everything imaginable in a busy, busy afternoon. I just know I had more fun this weekend than I've had in a long time.

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