Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cams and kids...

Wow, busy week, so busy I forgot Sunday was a special day... Father's Day. Jennifer and Neil both called and we had grrrreat chats. Jenn called in the morning as I was rushing out to cover a plane crash. Good thing it was only a minor crash, pilot rescued from the lake, no injuries. But I had to cut Jenn off, wondering "Why is she calling on a Sunday morning?" In Ontario, we are no longer allowed to chat on a cell phone while driving. But it was all good when we connected later in the day. Then Neil called around suppertime and we had a nice chat. Good news is, he is coming back to Ontario for a couple of years. He and Nolene will be settling in Toronto as she continues studies at University of Toronto. So that will be nice. And Jenn and the boys and I will spend time together on Canada Day weekend! So I have lots of housework to catch up on. I finally got my new camera today. It's a nice compact little SONY that I will take on my holidays. I was dreading the thought of lugging my big Nikons around so I figured it was time to get something I can literally tuck into my pocket. So today was summer solstice. Longest day of the year. From this point on, the days get shorter! Ahhhh... I just know that spring is on the way!

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