Sunday, April 24, 2011

Westree weekend

Easter weekend was pleasant at the Alexander camp in Westree, where I drove to meet with Jennifer and her family. Of course it’s always nice to get away and totally tune out. My phone was off for nearly 48 hours. The weather on Friday was perfect spring weather, with the sun shining and the temperature around ten Celsius. Along with Jenn’s family being there, Christine, Demetrios and Victoria had driven in from the Toronto area. That night we had a fabulous buffet supper put on by Denise and then it was outside to enjoy the evening air, have some drinks and enjoy the great bonfire created by Don. We laughed and talked till midnight. I was pleased that I was assigned to sleep in the Westree Penthouse, which is Don and Denise’s fifth wheel trailer. That was very nice and great for a nice peaceful night’s sleep. Who would have guessed that the next morning that winter would come back? It was mild out, but it snowed all morning. The photo of Portage Road tells the story. I remember thinking about the drive down from Timmins and noticing that almost all the snow in the bush had melted. Saturday morning, there was fresh snow everywhere. After lunch some of us decided to take a walk down to the landing by the lake to throw rocks in the water. I was so impressed that Jennifer came along for the hike, rubber boots and all. Believe it or not, we had to climb a steep hill and Jenn managed it. I was simply amazed, considering her condition a year ago. (See the posting on this blog on March 14, 2010). Jenn’s struggle to beat her cancer is inspiring. I am so proud of her inner strength and resolve. She also looks pretty nice with all that curly hair! The other nice part of the weekend was watching the hockey game Saturday night. I was the only one who cheered when Boston scored the winning goal. I couldn’t help myself, thinking of all those smug Habs fans across the country who had to sit there chewing their tongue. Ha ha ha ha. (click on the pics to see large size)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter. Yes Jenn looks great! miss you guys!