Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A crazy week eh

Wow, what a crazy week eh. Locally in the federal election, our MP Charlie Angus, was re-elected. I snapped that photo at his victory party. I have to say I am surprised at the outcome of the election, with Jack Layton in the opposition seat. Although I do remember somebody in Westree telling me that the NDP was coming on strong. I honestly didn't expect Michael Ignatieff to take such a beating, but such is politics in Canada. The Liberals have a special way of killing off their own. I remember it happened to Pierre Trudeau after his famous "walk in the snow" back in the mid-80s. The other crazy news is the killing of Osama Bin Laden. It sends out the message that if you really upset the American people, they WILL get you and kill you. It's a cold message, but lots of people have learned it the hard way. The Americans rarely go looking for fights, but they often finish them, and win. And those who win get to write the history books.


Anonymous said...

Leonard, reference the $20.00 bet with Debra. You should be a kind brother and let her keep the money to subsidize the amount of headache pills she must be taking, after beating her head against the wall.

Anonymous said...

I will be sending the $20.00 to Len this weekend with the suggestion that you put it under your mattress because it will lose its value in this promised economy.
Look for it soon.