Saturday, October 16, 2010

A hike in the woods and Neil's is heading to Peru

Fall is certainly settling in and it won't be long before old man winter arrives in Timmins. I took a nice walk through the forest today and was amazed at all the colors you can still see. It won't be long before everything is white. I am going to enjoy a nice big steak for dinner tonight so I figured one hour hike was just the thing to help my appetite. I am spoiling myself. Last night I had pickerel for dinner. (Thanks to Denise!) It was perfect.
Anyway, the hike was nice and I found lots of colorful things to photograph. I even found an old claimpost with a brass tag. There was moss growing on top of the post and I couldn't read any writing that would indicate the date. I figure it has to be more than half a century old because there hasn't been any claim staking in the Hersey area for more than 50 years. This was at Hawk Ridge, which is just north of the old Hollinger Mine tailings area, so I am guessing every claim around this area is patented and locked up by Goldcorp.

I had a quick chat with Jennifer today and she is well. I actually began my Christmas shopping so I had to check up on some stuff for her boys. Speaking of boys, my own son is off to South America these days. Neil met Nolene in Ecuador on Monday. Last e-mail I got said they were off cycling, staying in hostels and working their way towards Peru. He will be spending 30 days on vacation. Must be nice to be young and adventurous eh.

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Awesome pics Len