Monday, October 11, 2010

Grrrrreat Thanksgiving (grreat photos too)

I am thankful for much in my life.
I have the best family. And that’s not just my children, but all the fabulous people in my extended family. I am so pleased when I think of all the great people that shape and influence my life. It’s funny that it takes a while to fully appreciate them and the special way each person contributes to my world. But I am sure thankful.
Had a great conversation with Debra this weekend as she was hosting Thanksgiving for the Curtis clan in Cambridge. Her boys Alex and Scott were at the wedding in Mira. How nice is that. Both boys are now living on the East Coast, attending university.
Just got back home from the Alexander’s camp where we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. As usual, the food was great and the company was perfect. Don and Denise were the perfect host and hostess. Christine and Victoria were there and so was Scott, Jennifer, Tyler and Nathan. It was a nice time considering that there was hunting, fishing and ATV quad-riding for the kids. Nathan and Scott went out Sunday morning and bagged two partridge. Tyler and Scott went out this morning and shot four more. I was able to catch a couple of pickerel! Truth be told, they came from Denise’s freezer, already filleted and ready for the frying pan.
One of the fun things we did this weekend was to have a silly shooting contest with two cases of warm pop. We shook the cans, set them up on a stump and then used pellet rifles to blow ‘em up. It was fun and I amazed at how good the kids are at shooting. Tyler, Nathan and Victoria are amazing sharp-shooters. And nothing blows up better than warm pop!

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